30 December 2007

early december

yes, we have holiday lights on the dash.
"Asian pride" courtesy of FOUND magazine.


Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

thanks for the great work with the lumieres and the many comments this past year.
(the swamp lumiere was so beautiful btw!)

a very happy new year to you and andreas!
(CU in DK next year ?)
best sam

Blogger B said...

the same to you sam! very behind on your videos of the past two weeks but looking forward to catching up :)

andreas will be back in the homeland by mid-april, and i'll arrive mid-summer, probably june/early july. by then we'll be settling in copenhagen for the rest of 2008, so keep your eyes open. my plan is to just show up somewhere i know you will be...! i could not be more excited about the personal relocation and connecting with you in real time.

a happy new year awaits!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

many thanks for your comments on my page.
oh, and
*love* the shot of the plane/sun/cars/color goodness.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

hey b!
great to hear that you will be in copenhagen in 2008 !
well, i'll keep my eyes open then :-)

btw: did you notice the semanal poject ?

Blogger B said...

brian - andreas gets credit for that one. i was driving and my only contribution was yelling, 'get that!'

sam - i did hear about it. i personally don't understand it (most people i watch post a lot anyway and i'm not a huge fan of enforced output) and think i'm steering clear of these things in the future. navlopomo helped me post more, which was fun, but i believe for me, that was a one time thing. will be interested to hear your thoughts on it as someone who posts all the time anyway.


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