07 November 2007

We hate ning.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. The whole social networking crap is way out of control.

There needs to be one central site that integrates into all these things. Some place that bring your profile, "friends", links, videos , etc etc..

Blogger me said...

thank you. see, this is why i dig you, b. i don't even know andreas, but i dig him too.

i ning'd for about a minute, and killed the account, because i just didn't see the point.

Blogger B said...

Ning is where people are supposed to let others know they are posting every day this month - in my/our case, for NaVloPoMo - but man, did we resist signing up, and man, do I not care about that crap at all. I suppose not many people will get the joke of the video, but I had fun editing it :)


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