04 November 2007



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes. :/

I suffer from them too. There's nothing worse than just sitting there and waiting for it to pass regardless of what drugs taken...

Blogger Tom Johnson said...

Had to leave a comment - stopped by from the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. :-) I too suffer migraines, but get them in various odd ways - auras, or strange sick feelings, but not necessarily full-on headaches - I just feel awful. Migraine is truly one of the weirder things people suffer. Anyway, on my site I have an animation of a migraine aura that has gotten a ton of responses - head over and search for "visual migraine" and check it out. Sorry, this isn't a plug, just thought you might be curious since you have to deal with migraines and might get them too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get them too.

Horrible horrible raging ones. The only thing I want once it has set in is an ice pick.

My thoughts go out to you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's intense.

but for some reason, you looked very soft. you always look soft to me. like a quilted blanket.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're a curse. I've had them since I was a boy. Have them more now than ever.

Always the aura for 30 minutes or more and then the slow onset headache lasting a day or two.

I've never used the eye patches for darkness. Very good idea. I must get some.

There's something so perfect about this video. It says everything to me. Thanks.


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