25 November 2007

junkyard love

in the junkyard of my hard drive, this is love.

Music: The Books, A True Story Of A True Love



Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

B: there seems to be no junkyard in your hard drive, just a treasure chest;
or, maybe: a candy jar, a booty of visual pearls that need to be montaged from time to time to become small gems, to hang around the web.

Blogger PaulD said...

Your videos are compelling. Thank you for sharing the junk.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, B. That was beautiful. I've only just discovered you. Shame on me. I've been NaVlo-ing too and am ready to collapse. But only 4 days to go.

I'm going to now go back over your month and take it all in.

London sends you a wave.

Blogger Jessica Drager said...

you're a pretty incredible gal, you know that? with your eye for life and beauty.


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