05 November 2007

i worked nights

Once upon a time, Ryanne worked nights. I've been doing the same for most of the year. Thanks to Andreas for taking most of this footage while I was, well, sitting there. Worky work busy bee!

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Blogger ryanne said...

i think i need to compile these and have a screening because you are the 5th person to have sent me one of these and they're all ladies! isn't that funny? ha!
these are great!
all the empty spaces and the empty vending machines.
oh how i've felt your pain!

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

this is indeed such a very fine video. the empty spaces, added, alligned and registered with a fine poetic gaze, full of precision and compassion mutate into an "action" video. an act of seeing.
and all the best with migraines relief...hope they are gone now. best sam

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that one's awesome. I liked the lamp and the bikes most. your work environment seems very cool/friendly


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