08 November 2007

Emergency room

Tuesday, part two.



Blogger Unknown said...

nice... but... didn't really understand the meaning

Blogger B said...

its the emergency room. i was there tuesday night, but im okay now. andreas took the footage while i was treated because that is how we do things over here.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

beautiful and moving !

tuesday part one and two... from "grandma nice pants" to "emergency room" via the long road "still" sequence. and, just one piece of info: a new job tomorow... something has happened (?)... the fascinating elevator trip the day after, might be the new job "context"... a flow starts to devellop.

forget "meaning"! forget content ! how nice to watch something with a cinematic touch, without understanding. it is so much more poetic and generously giving. the shooting is gettting full force. keep on.... thanks

best whishes for recovery (after the emergency room teatment ?)

Blogger B said...

thanks sam! :D

what a lovely comment. you are so kind. i am fine, just a late night emergency that this crazy looking place fixed right up. am much better now! will be less happy when the bill arrives, but so it goes in the land of unsocialized medicine...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all seems so empty of Emergency. Although we see it's implied. Full of strange beauty this one.

Glad you're OK.


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