07 July 2007

Lumiere 9: Hotel

Come join the Lumiere action. Rules also found here.



Anonymous Andreas Haugstrup said...

The framing of the window is perfect. One can only let one's imagine run wild about what may be going on behind those curtains.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

either a preparation to an ironman competition, or just men ironing.:-)
indeed, great framing.
it fits so nicely with the black background in the lumiere video site!

Blogger synthetic audio said...

i loved this! it kind of makes me wonder if people are seeing what i'm doing through the curtains in my hotel rooms....
this was really creative. i would have never thought of doing this!

Blogger Becky said...

the voyeur in me (which is, uh, most of me) thanks the voyeur in you. what great video.


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