03 May 2007

Roller Queen

I made this in the middle of the night, last night, for an assignment that was due today. B for the semester. Fine. Appropriate. Just get me out of here.

I've wanted to use this song in a video for years. It meant a tremendous amount to me in my earlier years, and it draws to mind times that I have long ago passed: sorta punk shows in weird, dive all-ages clubs in Indianapolis; driving home late at night on country roads, and making our own fun despite living in a less than interesting small town. But I still love all of those things so much, and I'm glad I grew up enough to appreciate the memories of home, wherever they appear.

I took less than half of this footage and have my friends to thank; those to whom I sometimes just hand the camera and say "do it to it". And they do. Sometimes I just need to live my life, even when it feels like it should be recorded too. Good folks know these things and step in to assist. They are all the best.

Maybe I'll redo this later, but sharing it now seems important.

Jimmy Eat World, Roller Queen


Blogger RP said...

How very lovely. Even though I am pretty sure the roller footage was at Chez Vous it makes me think of and miss the Midwest.

Blogger Chuck Leggett said...

The split-screen at the end drives the point home.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice vlog. It feels like awareness moving through time into the unknown watching it all pass by.

Blogger Rupert said...

I watched this a few times on the plane a couple of weeks ago.
I couldn't comment at the time.
I'm not very good at commenting, really. Not very good at being eloquent about why I like something. But I do like this film a lot. It moves me - and I love the way it works with the tune, even though neither the tune nor the images have any pre-existing meaning for me.
That's pretty cool, that you can move me this way.
Hurray for B grades. They show you're Outside. I dossed through school and got solid Bs in every exam I ever took. Oh, except for an A in Latin, weirdly.

So. Keep making films. You've got a special talent & aptitude for it, and a unique feel, that would be A grade in a sane world. Luckily, though, the world isn't sane. Which gives us all something to make crazy uncommercial personal films about.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

hey B!

lovely video! great indoor-skating too.
very nice spilt screen and "double tracking" - on the road-moving :-)

here is a skating video from copenhagen for you from last year.>



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