09 April 2007


I'm not entirely comfortable with this post because I have control over someone's image who is no longer in my life and can't give consent for this video. However, I think this clip is purposeful in its depiction, while I also feel the need to be clear that these pictures are not only very old; they represent a time in my life that I wouldn't reclaim even if given the chance. In fact, I really just thought they made a nice video. I've moved on and wanted some closure on Videblogging Week as well. So here's the final piece of my heart. For now.

Songs: Ohia, Not Just a Ghost's Heart



Blogger Sean said...

Because the past is always pretty much blurry. hm.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your blurry is thoughtful, meditative, clear in mind and stunning, foggy and watering, shadowy and acting unflashy but indispensable

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have created a video meditation that is very thoughtful. The many phases of the heart...like the phases of the moon.
Well done!


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