04 April 2007



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Becks got the white ones.

I hear you.

Blogger missbhavens said...

I think that this is a fate all members of the Necco wafer family should share: death by meat tenderizer.

Blogger RP said...

white ones for me.

heart[::]break for me.

'miss you' for me!

(not that the video is for me)

lovelove it.

Blogger Unknown said...

Stark metaphoric images here -- hearts being smashed by a meat grinder. Sad yet beautiful.

But there was also something so routine and ordinary about the smashing. Almost void of deeper emotions and like it was just going through the motions of breaking hearts as if it were a multinational corporate machine destroying the lives of indigenous peasants in Guatamala.

I also yearned for some sound effects for some more context for the intention behind this, but maybe that would've ruined the poem.

Blogger Faux Press said...

Missed this one - takin' it so perfect for Wburg.tv :)


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