31 March 2007

Heart of hearts

I was resisting videoblogging week but decided I would do a theme in my life lately: the heart.

This picture is about three years old, taken when I was in undergrad by a friend who was doing a photo essay about my job running the student radio station. My now-ex was there that day as well and found some colored tape on the console, out of which he cut these little hearts and then adhered them to my hand. I found the photo last week when I was cleaning out some old files. It made me remember love.


Blogger Carl Weaver said...

Don't ever forget love. Even the ones of the past, packed away with our memories, can be precious gems when years later we recall them and remember the fellings we had once upon a time.

Be good to your heart.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love parallelogram..ha. That sounds complicated.


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