06 February 2007


Radiohead "Everything In Its Right Place"

(I missed my own videoblogging anniversary - or rather chose to ignore it mostly - because I'm in the middle of, among other things, overhauling my sites. The newness of my spaces will soon be apparent.)


Blogger Unknown said...

good luck for your thesis

Blogger F Daum said...

I envy your desk. So organized! My iTunes picked up a ton of episodes from your feed from 2/6/07. I looked at this vlog and your partner sites to see if the feeds matched up. Anyhow I noticed your imbedded quicktime format for this current episode. I want to change my site too but I'm such a slacker.

Aren't you finished with your thesis already? I thought you finished your degree already.

Blogger B said...

Thanks! I just reorganized my home office space, and I'm very pleased as well. I made my own feeds go insane while I cleaned some things up there too - sorry about that.

Finishing MA thesis right now. Done with all that came before that at least.

Blogger Anthony said...

Very nicely edited. Always good to see ya. I bet you'll do great on your thesis. Looking forward to see the new changes.

Blogger trine said...

ah that's like looking through a time machine back to when i was doing my MA dissertation. it was pretty horrible if i remember correctly (which i do) - nothing like a phd write up though - D is in his final 4 weeks (must be 3 by now) and he is looking like a ghost on drugs. not pleasant


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