28 February 2007

State of self

I've been feeling like this, on and off, for quite a while. Watching Ryanne's videos lately, old and new, plus being back on the conference circuit, made me want to show you what I see while I hide behind my camera.

And why are so many voices in public trying to tell me what to do?


Blogger Unknown said...

I'm sorry for that, sorry because your video it's so sad, think that it's just a moment of your life

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even someone would think about the facts only due to an at first seen video material and it’ll be anyhow falls conclusion if not seeing huge background to keywords, to held on key scenes, aso. So I try to see obviously beyond the camera and beyond the prefaced personal thoughts built on sophisticated well elaborated manner shown in simple every day pictures surrounding us unavoidably to be seen on our ways.
I think the majority i.e. the public is used much to common latent terms arranged with each other without thinking or discovering a different ways to be gone, to be taken. It is so simple for attentive real free individual even by not observing the surrounding milieu and their habits of majority conformed styled environment that she/he gets inescapably in terms forced from “public voices”, and thus I’m(we’re) drawn in the world of “voices in public trying to tell me what to do”.

Blogger Anthony said...

Thanks for sharing this.
I relate not so much to the travel part as much as to the being alone part.
I know in a sense I am never alone. I am surrounded by others often, and most importantly I have faith in a God who I believe is always with me.
But on occasion I do long for an intimate(and by that I don't necessarily mean physically intimate) relationship with another human being. I think it would be such a blessing to relate to someone else on similar levels, to work together towards mutual goals, and to hold hands with as we walk through a park or a crowed street while growing old together.
Thanks for sharing this.
Sorry I haven't been much of a vloggie friend and it isn't until now that I caught this vid. Hope you are doing well.


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