02 January 2007

Drive 2007

I leave in about 12 hours. I'm flying to southern California and driving home again. Alone. It's a long story.

Here we go

Runtime 0:54

Music: Beth Orton/Chemical Brothers "Where Do I Start" (remixed by me)


Blogger Anthony said...

Love it. Love the editing, love the voice over, I knew you were gonna say maybe... maybe not. Have a safe trip and enjoy the drive. And if you do show us some of that trip I'll definitely be hear watching.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great editing, as always.
I love all of your videos. Of all the videoblogs I watch I feel like I can relate most to yours.. if that makes any sense :|

I would really enjoy to see your journey; if you would like to share it. I know some aspects of life in a way I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing over my videoblog (or recording for that matter).

Hopefully the trip is going well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Southern California!!!

Thats where we are, will you be free to hang out?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, if you share - we're here. If you don't - we're still here. And that's all fine. But your videos are nexty-next.

All the best.

Blogger Unknown said...

this is the first time I come here and I should say that was an amazing surprise, the video it's very well made and absolutely interesting, I'll start to watch the old ones

happy new 2k7

Blogger lauren said...

if you drive through Texas and need a place to crash anywhere, let me know, I have people all over. Be safe in this storm!

Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

that was cool. i wonder what your trip was about?
i like the radiohead one too.

hello from minnesota.


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