05 December 2006

Every day of my life

Something awesomely bizarre happens every day of my life. Every single day. People who know me in real life get to witness this often, but people who aren't with me daily have a hard time understanding these moments. Last week, I was making a video for Raymond and I caught one of my random encounters on tape. It even has a strangely appropriate ending.

I missed the screening, but you can read more about American Fair.

Runtime 1:43


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could have sworn at second 52, that the hand pushing your hair back was HIS and I was freaking out for just a bit.

Most awesome capture, mizbee.

I do not require the white jesus just yet. I must prepare him a manger and a swadling something or other.

Blogger Anthony said...

That was a cool moment captured. However, your response to it is what I find to be really precious.
What an interesting world we live in that we can capture our lives in this way. Our memories will be shaped by these moments caught on video. It is interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice video !!!!

Really enjoy your video blog.

I wish interesting stuff like that happened to me : /

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Your reactions are priceless!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice scene, real cool. I think you were emanating good energy there and the coincidence came in on cue. Surround yourself with creative and learning people, you'll do just fine.

Blogger trine said...

excellent! i love random life-ness...

and your reaction! brilliant!

cheered up my sunday!

Blogger lauren said...

Wonderful post- what a cool moment!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you already get my comment? I forgot that even had "Blogger display name," given that I'm really not. Anyway, the post went something like:

You are the cutest person EVER. It's true.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great...one of the best from you I've seen.

Also, was it something I said? ; ) Say hello soon...I miss you!

Blogger Unknown said...

maybe you drive too slow?!?!?


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