20 November 2006

My grandmother is not dead

Apparently, I am busy and slightly irritable. This trip yielded intense video. Stay tuned.

My grandmother is not dead

Runtime 2:00


Blogger Carl Weaver said...

As they say, there's nothing quite as cleansing as an Indiana rain.

Good luck at your grandmother's place. I wish you the best.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make what you need to make. I will watch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ccch-yeah it's fucked! so many things are. i was going to log in as "myself" and post this instead of anonymous but i forgot my password because i haven't posted in so long. love&hugs, cc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

skinless candor: simply put, you walked around with a total honest view of the insides of your heart, even more minute things like arteries and veins were apparent.

Blogger missbhavens said...

I want to hug you...you look so cranky and sad. Being in her house in her housecoat going through her stuff when she's down the street must be so hard and weird.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Know thyself".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was fucked up

i think I get what your saying ... about not wanting to just tell people things that are happening in your life or feeling, but somehow make people understand through a video that doesn't necessarily explain everything right as it goes on

... ... ... I sometimes think I'm making a complete ass of myself just sitting for 4 minutes explaining everything, It's much more personal and intimate in general if instead you somehow get your point across in a new, creative and interesting way..

maybe that's just my interpretation of what you were saying ... arr I'm not too sure on anything today :[

sorry i'm a late on commenting.


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