26 October 2006


I wasn't going to publicly post at first. My pain and my grief are very much my own, but he was too beautiful not to share. The house is so empty. I couldn't explain my sadness if I tried.


Runtime 2:01

Music: "Fidelity" Regina Spektor


Blogger robin said...

oh b, i'm crying here. i love you: stay strong!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the video more celebratory than mournful. Like, hey! It's Homer! I guess the music has too much of a positive context and association with me for me to be sad when watching him be so cute... more like "he was so fuckin' rad!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He WAS so rad...It was a pleasure to know the Homes. Your bond IS forever. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful moment.
May Homer rest in peace.
Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

such a handsome little man... take care of yourself sweetie.

Blogger Devin said...

So soon..

Our golden retreiver was put down in June. Only 8yrs old. It was his 8th day with no food.

Terrible to lose such a good friend. Great, to have ever had him.

Blogger Lan Bui (of The Bui Brothers) said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

He looked like a great friend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you little buddy! Love Aunt Carlin

Blogger missbhavens said...

oh, Sweets. You know I mean it when I say "I know how you feel".

I'm glad you shared this. What a sweet-looking handsome little furry dude.

He was lucky to have you. You were lucky to have each other.

Blogger Anthony said...

Sending you more hugs.

I see the celebration in of your bond with Homer in this video too. Thanks for sharing. May you daily feel more comfort.

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still so sorry and thinking of you...Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad you did. So cute. Get in touch when you feel like it. I even sit quietly well. ; )

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

I couldn't even watch the video. Cats are the only thing that make me cry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

Blogger lauren said...

Brittany- I'm so sorry for the loss of your pet and more importantly, your friend. Its courageous of you to share that and I appreciate it more than you know. If you need me, you know how to find me, and I will be easily found. Love.

Blogger Carl Weaver said...

A good memorial here. Homer was a heck of a guy. Your love was always evident and I know he felt it too. I wish you the best in this time of grief.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Homer. I'll be sure to give my Bubba an extra hug in his honor.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so sweet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aloha B. Very sorry to hear about Homer. :(

Lexi sends much love and sloppy doggie kisses as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm glad he was such a good friend to you. sorry that he couldn't stay.

beautiful blog...


Blogger ryanne said...

you totally made me cry!
i'm sorry about your little cat.
i would be so sad if my cats died too.
they are like my children.


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