03 September 2006

Commie Bar (Happy Labor Day)

When Dan comes to town, things get crazy.

Comments from the evening. Who said what is irrelevant:

"Maybe all youth are Communist until they grow up and the system steps in."

"Have you ever felt safe?"
"Not completely."

"Are you a citizen of the world?"
"Yes. For now."

"Would you rather be dead or blind?"
"Blind. I could still yell."

"Remember when I used to get in trouble for cross-stiching everywhere?"

"At least we're not speaking Spanish, where objects have genders."

"Of course the Turkish guy, the black guy, the gay guy, and the feminist came to the commie bar. Where else they gonna go?"
"Home and plot revenge."

"Are my breasts genitals?"

"Do you believe in magic?"
"Have you ever experienced it?"
"I don't know; I haven't kissed you yet."

"It's a good thing I don't drink..."
"...because you'd cry and write emails everywhere."

"Did I ever tell you I slept naked with Seth? He's a big floppy bitch."

"That guy looks like your brother."
"Please tell me you're talking about the black guy."

Click for Commie Bar

Runtime 2:15

(background) Music: Dead Prez, album Let's Get Free


Blogger F Daum said...

Nice way to poke fun at the prison camps, involuntary military service, intolerance, repression, priviledged party elite, high prices, and shortages.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet jesus... did I just hear the "BA DA DA!" of Bjork's I Miss You at the end?

we are clever, stepped on a few toes, and I'm sure people will be offended somewhere, but we are clever:)


Blogger Headsoff said...

I love sattire and irony almost as much as I love YOU!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it. Perfect for my little workaholic day I got goin' on. More. No, really...more.

Blogger Anthony said...

Good to see ya.

You guys look like you have so much fun together. I think I like watching that interaction the most. It is neat to have friendships like that. What a blessing!

As for the rest of the video. Well what can I say I am just another "square with a facebook profile".

(That was pretty funny. Thanks for sharing.)

Blogger lauren said...

That was pretty much amazing. AMAZING.

Blogger me said...

that was too funny :) man i miss cambridge sometimes.

Blogger possibly vacuous said...

This was entirely entertaining. :)
By the way - I have no good way of getting a hold of you other than this here, and I want to let you know that this coming Saturday night (9/16) I'm heading for to Union Square (Toast) for some serious dancing, and I've seen enough of your vlogs to know that I love your moves. Drop me a line - would love to see you. (yanchi.tung at gmail)

Blogger trine said...

good to have you back. you make me laugh. in a good way! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read through all of this again, and remembered how much fun it was;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I mentioned by http://bshoot.blogspot.com/2007/05/lumiere-1.html I looked for contents in your blog, so I think I found it here; A bit modified text fitting/rhyming to song taken from commie bar follows:
"Do you believe in magic?"
"Yes, my friend"
"Have you ever experienced it?"
"I don't know;
I haven't kissed you yet."
. . .
"It's a good thing I don't drink..."
"...because you'd cry
and write emails everywhere."
- - -
"Have you ever felt safe?"
"Not every day"
"Would you rather be dead or blind?"
You do know
"Blind. Then I could still yell."
. . .
"It's a good thing I don't drink..."
" Where else we gonna go?"
“Commie bar and plot revenge”
If you don’t mind I would use it for the song. I’m working on it now. It’s almost ready; If, I think I succeed(as I’m not professional) I would make video to it, if you allow me to use that text;


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