05 July 2006

What are we doing in Dublin on a Saturday night?

What are we doing?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be a bit of boozer? & BLOGGING AS WELL? From irish beer well? well! well!

Blogger Carl Weaver said...

Yep - those are my people all right. Queueing Irish folks. Did they queue to drink as well? I suspect my ancestors brought a flask with them to nip at whilst in queue for a pint.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha. funny. welcome home.

Blogger Mary Beth said...

that is fanfreaking tastic
can i que here? where would i que?
mmm, i'll have to think about this

Blogger possibly vacuous said...

But you know, I think I'd rather que at the Dublin ATM than sitting here at my workdesk, procrastinating. ;)
Hope you're having a blast! Looking forward to your return so I can stalk you for real.

Blogger Anthony said...

That's gotta be the longest line I've ever seen for an ATM.
Interesting phenomenon the 'Dublin ATM Que'.


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