09 July 2006

Chocolate - as never before

I hadn't eaten chocolate in about eight years...

I eat chocolate again

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I only had American chocolate I would probably give it up too. But since I'm not limited in that regard I will enjoy all chocolate. I won't discriminate: dark, milk, white with or without nuts, fruits or raisins. I will eat it all.

Also: There is no such thing as a "chocolate substitute". There are only pale impressions.

Blogger ginger said...

i like that you've not eaten chocolate in years! although i could never go that long without!

i think though you may have chosen the wrong chocolate to try after being away for that long. you tried a flavored chocolate and not just plain chocolate. it's like trying to paint a cubist picture before you know the basics of painting. you may get a picture out of it but you'll not be satisfied with it because you didn't go through the process of learning more of a realist painting before you get to the abstract image.

maybe next time you're in europe you can try again :)

Blogger missbhavens said...

I agree with BOTH of the above comments. American chocolate is lame, and flavored chocolate should only be introduced after sampling the high-grade plain stuff.

I'm actually not one of those "chocolate freak" types...but I only ever touch chocolate bars if someone has brough me one from overseas.

(also, you're "I wonder how long I can go without" method is exactly how I became a vegetarian for 5 years!)

Blogger ebbandflow.tv said...

I like the idea of Lent, not as a dogma practice but as a personal investigation... The world would be much different if we spent time thinking about what we were willing to give up in order to be in accordance with our higher values.

Anyway. Chocolate doesn't taste the same after you've given it up. Thank god for other pleasures:)
We prefer carob too.

Blogger Anthony said...

Mmmmm chocolate.
I love the stuff. It tastes a bit better to me when I take smaller bites instead of large chunks. Those bars you tossed in seemed a bit on the large size.
Interesting lent story. Thanks for sharing your first chocolate experience in years.
I'll have to try that carob stuff I've never heard of it before.

Blogger possibly vacuous said...

Something about the way you said "it's ok" with your mouth full was really amusing to me. Kind of makes me think that you had just popped an uncooked quail egg or something similarly bizarre in your mouth and you're okay-ing it.


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