17 May 2006

VloggerCon promo

My promo for VloggerCon

Thanks for Carl Weaver for photo help.

Click here for promo

Runtime 0:13

Music: by me

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Blogger ryanne said...

nice one!

Blogger Devlon said...

Hey, I saw me! Cool promo B.

Blogger Anthony said...

Whoo hooo! My picture was in there. That must mean I am going to be at Vloggercon. I am gonna be at Vloggercon. Whoo hoo! Exciting!

Good job on the promo and I am not just saying that cause it has my pic in it.

Blogger Mary Beth said...

That's awesome Brittany! The music, the concept, the pictures.
Hey, I saw me! I think that's my first appearance in someone else's vlog. :)

Blogger Andy Carvin said...

Wasn't that me for a couple of frames? I just wish I could still go - doc is recommending I skip it because of the pending baby and all that good stuff. I'll probably participate in my panel via videoconference, though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah nice one!
I wish I could be there...
even if I started to swim now...aint no way...

Blogger kelley_in_sf said...

I saw freak show in the title and had to look... then I saw me. This slacker is finally gonna buy my ticket. Cool promo (would have liked it even if I didn't see me too)


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