11 January 2008

skies - a lumiere


Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

such a fine, simple and senere lumiere.
a timeless view. thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brittany - I wanted to check in with you after the weekend stir on the videoblogging list. No oversight was ever intended (I would hope you know that) and it turned out to be a chance to re-connect, so that is good! I am thrilled to learn of what you and Andreas have done with lumiere - thank you both again for that. I've updated my post and added a link back to our joint episode from last year; more fond memories for me.

I could not find your email - so am leaving a comment here. I am okekai at gmail dot com if you want to reply privately. (or any of my other emails you may have handy.)


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