08 September 2007

Sofa (lumiere)

This is a lumiere video. You should make some. Read about them here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random destruction of property is what the internet was made for. The tall framing works perfectly for this kind of video.

Now I must go find furniture and a tall building.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

an act of destructive beauty, very nicely framed..
no script - at all ?
(these thing happen so seldom here in denmark. i would have to walk for days to capture that kind of action... but then again, i missed the riot action in noerrebro last week, but that was shown on tv.)

Blogger Faux Press said...

Was it a destructive act or the only way to get the sofa out of the apartment? Anyway, thought this flip to portrait rather than landscape worked to include what you needed to see, for sure.

Blogger Unknown said...

I really love the cut of this video

Blogger B said...

This near defenestration was a planned moment of terror upon our now-former neighbors, a way to remove unwanted indoor furniture from its outdoor location in a late moving moment of mild panic, and great fun.


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