02 August 2007

Lumiere - Scott Baio


Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

hey b!
A very intriguing lumiere piece, indeed.

I had no clue(s) whatsoever what the semiotics might be about - honest !
had to quickly google/wikipedia the clues forth... realising that I might be severely biased in my general ignorance... about Baio/Moran

It might be one of the greatest divides in visual culture today: the reality of TV shows and protagonist(s),including all the clinical, standardised, framed, cliché dramatised view(s) of life, transferring only gossip on one side - becoming reality, and then reality itself.
Reality, that no longer seems to be able to be acknowledged, haptically sensed, or even visually re-told either as documentary or lyrically. Even the documentary nowadays mostly relies on the schemata(s) of TV news/gossip programs...

so, indulge with my naive, wooden "European" sit-com ignorance, that probably is missing the point(s) in the Lumiere...was it meant as a critical/funny commentary.. what was in the bucket?...

ciao, sam

Blogger B said...

Like a good portion of my life in the past year or so, this is purposefully cryptic. Here's a link to explain the labels, in part:

A close friend lives in a co-op and because of the shared and personal food systems in the house, all personal food must be labeled. Because we find generic labels stifling and irrelevant, she devises her own system. When I was there a few days ago, lentils and curry were named for current celebrity situations or events in the possessive, such as "Star Jones' gastric bypass surgery." Writing that on a masking tape label takes longer than one minute.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

thanks for the link :-))

So it actually IS a show... Oh my...

It sort of made me reflect on how Baios "crisis" possibly might be expressed otherwise in images... After attending a fantastic performance yesterday, where i caught some footage on my old camcorder, discovering that I inadvertently did overlay on the old tape, from another performance... I then montaged some of the footage for today's vlog post on patalab. (august 03 post). Enjoy the "fall of Baio"... but then the acrobat is certainly a character with much more integrity and substance.

Thanks for making the intriguing Lumiere. It was quite inspiring.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man! I so wanted to take out a pair of drum sticks and smack that Scott Baio!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Baio is a bucket of shark chum?

or is it gumbo?

Blogger M. Matthews said...

terrific! baioriffic!

Blogger RP said...

i'm so glad we're done eating that scott baio slop. fall is the season for FRESH LOCAL VEGGIES!! mmmmmm.

though rupert and i did make some indian-style naomi campbell salad yesterday that tasted like absolute junk.

i hate leftovers.


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