18 July 2007

Lumiere - egg slices

Go rock some lumiere action.
PS - some other newer lumieres from myself: black swan & gehrig.



Blogger ryanne said...

i dig it!
just posting my second lumiere.
i shot mine in night shot. looks like yours was in sepia? do those count as en effect? i am thinking effect means no post production effects....

Blogger B said...

We decided, considering the original Lumiere brothers had to do everything in-camera, that anything done that way now was okay as well. I don't run any of this stuff through editing software at all though (sometimes compression but only if it retains the same color - otherwise, I keep the huge files) and have particular feelings about bumpers, etc. Andreas also posted our thoughts about it here.

Blogger ryanne said...

cool cool
yeah timelapse was done in camera.
that's a good rule!

Blogger Unknown said...

nice idea the sepia tint and the egg slicer that seems to be an old style one

Blogger Unknown said...

I forgot to say that... watch your title..... you are writing "Lumeire"


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