10 July 2007

Lumiere - Droid

I can't keep track of what number this is since I'm also hosting the larger files on my own server. Check out more of my recent lumieres:

Party Upstairs


And if you're confused, go to the lumiere page or reference the rules.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Creative.

Blogger Rupert said...

Nice POV in Mail, and the Party Upstairs is exactly the kind of moment that you look at and think, wow - how could i capture that as a little moving snapshot and share it... but there's no other way, really, than this, that it would work so well. This is the perfect platform for it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was great! ... I want a droid.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

i like the quiet qualities of this piece: the space, the window, the air-con machine, the floor.... then a vacuum cleaner appears, and makes its ways.

fine poetics of the inconspicuous...

the seemingly void space is at the same time filled with typical american paraphernalia: the window, the aircon, the panel, even the flooring , the droid... things and conditions that are, in europe, recognisable via hollywood movies, but have quite different shapes and outlooks... in scandinavia, where the aircon machine and the self propelled vacuum cleaner are a rarity - the first because of the climate, the later never caught on when introduced.. so in many ways this short Lumiere is about many other things... depending on the focus and context of the viewer.

the banal becoming exotic, and vice-versa..

i enjoy your work very much.. thanks for sharing!


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