30 May 2007

Lumiere 2 - Skeeball

I'm compressing these files from now on so I can keep the rest of the rules in tact.

And I'm never filming my first game of the day again because I'm a skeeball queen and ya'll should know I own those lanes. I went home with a pretty pretty princess crown and kazoo rings and push pops. I used to think arcades were lame. Glad I learned what's up.



Blogger Unknown said...

the one on your right side made a lot of 20 and 30 points

Blogger Anthony said...

That's a whole lot of tickets around your neck there in that picture.
I agree that arcades can be fun. And skeeball is a blast.
However it only takes a moment of thought to realize that paying $10.00 in tokens to win a prize that you could buy at any candy store for a quarter is just ludicrous. Fun but ludicrous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what fun. you look so proud of all of your tickets :). (and you should be!)

Blogger missbhavens said...


Lumiere perfection. Seriously.

Blogger joannak said...

i am absolutely terrible at skeeball. when i was little, i would climb up the ramp and put the balls in by hand.

this was another really cool/creative lumiere. keep it up! i'm always entertained by these. (:


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