28 May 2007

Lumiere 1

I went to beach twice this weekend because in addition to living next to the ocean and not interacting with it nearly enough, I also seem to be living the dream. As you'll understand, I did not (nor did anyone, to my knowledge) directly experience this vantage point in real time, so I like rewatching what wasn't seen until now.

Andreas reminds us of the rules, one of which I've already (though somewhat intentionally) broken - so warning - large, uncompressed files. Thank god I shot this in 320x240 from the jump. I'm also not sure I should recommend music, but I do think this track is the best I've found to match;to sync up, start the video five seconds after you start the music. This track is also pretty amusing (and should be started eight seconds after you start the video). Find more information about these respective songs/artists here and here.

Or, as suggested, feel free to leave your own music playing. If you do, let me know what track accompanies my life. I'm making a soundtrack.

Lumiere 1

Update: I suck at rules, so I gave up this time. Here's the video I wanted to make. And here is a lumiere actually complies. I'm told it's sexy. I just like bridges and the night.

Lumiere 1.2: Spoon, You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb (from forthcoming Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks fun..wish I was there. I love going to the beach:)

Blogger RP said...

love. it!

Blogger Unknown said...

this is a very relazing video, and it's funny trying to understand what people are doing walking on the sea side

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice idea about matching a music to video; I thought this one http://www.brittanyshoot.com/tunes/the%20blow%20-%20hey%20boy.mp3 would match also to your video; But both of them are well;
I've got another idea from yours and that one I leave at "commie bar", as a searched material I've found there;

Blogger Faux Press said...

I'm using "Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis" for Wburg.TV.

Blogger SAM RENSEIW said...

just discovered this one! so nice... the water seems to be somehow cold, though.

it's amazing how much can happen in a frame during just one minute ;-)


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