14 July 2006

Jumping off the bridge - masculinity in Mostar


Blogger possibly vacuous said...

I cannot believe how clear and clean the water looks. Was the water in that river really that gorgeous off camera, too?

Blogger B said...

Yes! Wait til you see the Adratic Sea back in Croatia :)

Blogger Mary Beth said...

Did you jump?

Blogger missbhavens said...

holy crap!

(I'm afraid of heights)

Blogger Jen Simmons said...

I was just there. Exactly there, that's bridge July 21st. Woah.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there last summer and jumped with thee of my friends. They had wetsuits but i didnt and the impact of the water broke the skin on my arms. The divers from the diving club are shit, they said one of them would jump first to show us but they never did. Its too high for just anyone to jump and it hurts, even after a few drinks. Id never do it again.


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